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Job Duties:

    • Assist in set up & breakdown of studios at events
    • Provide excellent customer service to clients & guests
    • Direct & being silly with guests as they make their flipbook video
    • Assist in the production & creation of each flipbook or photo prints
    • Create priceless memories for client & guests

              Job Requirements:

                • Available to work mostly weekends
                • Outgoing & Positive Attitude
                • Lift 70 Pounds
                • Must be available for holiday events early December

                          6 Important Questions You May Already Be Wondering

                          What type of events would I be working?
                          Action flipbooks serves public and private events.  Events include but not limited to Parties, Holiday Events, Mitvahs, Weddings, Film Release Parties, Premieres, Television Wrap Parites. 
                          Are Action Flipbooks positions & internships paid?
                          Yes, all Action Flipbook postions are paid.
                          What is the dress code for events?
                          Holiday events & weddings are formal.  Outdoor & activations are more casual.  Dress depends on the event.
                          Is event or photography experienced required?
                          No experience is required.  A background in the service industry or event industry is a plus but not required.

                          Where do teams depart from for Northern California events?
                          Most teams depart from Davis, CA.  Positions are available in SF & LA. Contact us for details.

                          Can I invite a friend to join the team and work with them?
                          Yes we highly encourage you to apply with your friends.  It's a great experience to interact with your friends, meet new friends and make some additional money.

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