Action Flipbooks creates adventures like no other, Action Flipbooks provides you with some of the most thrilling & exciting custom interactive video & photo experiences ever!
It's not just any Flipbook, It's an Action Flipbook!  See the above video!

How does the flipbook studio work?

Flipbook Photo Booth Rentals Include:

    • Two Flipbook Team Members
    • Unlimited Flipbooks & Copies
    • Premium Props, Signs & Scene Ideas
    • Custom Designed Flipbook Covers
    • A Video Montage
    • An Online Video Gallery

              Upgrade Your Flipbooks Package:

                • Interactive Green Screen Digital Backgrounds
                • Social Media Sharing Kiosks
                • Flipbook Signage & Additional Video Screens
                • More Books! Additional Cutters & Studios
                • Flips & Prints!
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                          6 Important Questions You May Already Be Wondering About Flipbooks

                          Where do you serve?  Everywhere!
                          We conveniently have locations in Northern California & Southern California.  San Francisco, Los Angles, anywhere in California there are no additional travel charges.  We serve the entire United States & provide services around the world. 
                          How many flipbooks?  As many as you want!
                          How many flipbooks do you need?  As a rule, each flipbook studio can produce up to 70 flipbooks per hour.  Add a second cutter and that number jumps up to 140 per hour.  We can also add multiple studios, doing as many as 1200 per hour.  Based on your guest count & the times of your event we will provide you the ideal solution.
                          What's in the background of the Flipbook?  Anything you can imagine!
                          Action Flipbooks is the only Flipbook Company that creates & shoots most of it's digital backgrounds.  What does that mean for you? A truly unique experience & flipbook for your guests.  We can put guests in virtually any kind of background or experience you wish.  Some of our most exciting options are Rockin Out On Stage, Running Down The Bay Bridge, Dancin On The Beach, Cruzin Through Beverly Hills or Ridin Down The Coast.  Having hundreds of backgrounds, we are still creating more every month.
                          Can I customize the covers?  Of course!
                          Our in house designers create your flipbook cover from scratch.  You can include any kind of branding, photos or colors you wish.  It's completely customized. Examples available by request.

                          What kind of quality & experience should you expect?  The Best!
                          We are one of the Animated Flipbook Pioneers with nearly a decade of experience in creating truly unique & memorable experiences. Our teams have helped support other flipbook companies, provided services, have produced over a half of a million flipbook moments. We have had the honor of providing services all over the world, some of the most incredible venues & pristine locations. Just to share a few companies we serve, Disney, Netflix, Facebook, Linkedin, Sony Playstation & hundreds more!

                          Can the videos be shared instantly on social media?  Yes!
                          We have a number of social media options and delivery systems.  Videos can be emailed, texted or we can custom print a special login/QR Code that guest can retrieve their flipbook video instantly. Videos can be shared on any platform including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Email & MMS.

                          Discounts? Yes! Bundle Your Packages!
                          You are automatically qualified for a discount just by adding other services together.  Contact us & tell us exactly what you are looking for & we will provide you a totally awesome quote.
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